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Christine Payne Devereux

Willow Creek Pottery

Envision yellow corn fields & rolling green meadows reaching banks of a babbling brook where chirping birds and other wildlife come. This tranquil setting is our family farm outside of Brantford where you will find me creating unique handcrafted ware, both functional and home décor using either stoneware or porcelain. My inspiration comes from the memories of my life experiences, the view from my studio windows and my family.

I have been working with clay since 2014 when I took my first class at the Brantford Potters Guild and it didn’t take long before I knew that pottery would be a passion that would stay with me. My work continues to evolve as I experiment with new ways of expressing the qualities of my surroundings.

My interest in art began as a child, sketching/ painting and has continued on. I took classes at Mohawk College over the years to help broaden my knowledge in art. My father with his artistic talent in woodworking would encourage me to use my talent to paint on his projects. Over the years I worked with my father and taught painting classes at my home. Many of my pottery pieces have been decorated with my hand painting.

Whether I’m working on the wheel, hand building or free-hand painting on clay, I have found my passion.


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