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Terms & Conditions

Brantford Potters’ Guild semi annual sale

  1. Potters' must be a member for two years (Active/Studio) and be a member in good standing.

  2. All participants agree to work two shifts.

  3. Cash register records are the only official record of sales. All items for sale are the responsibility of the participant.

  4. The Brantford Potters' Guild assumes no liability and is not responsible for lost, stolen, broken or damaged items.

  5. Participants who cancel within three weeks of the sale will forfeit the opportunity to participate in the following sale.

  6. Participants who are unable to work their entire shift, need to leave early or arrive late, must notify the shift supervisor and/or sales co-ordinators. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for the following sale.

  7. The Brantford Potters' Guild will retain 20% of sales.

  8. All pottery for show or sale must meet Brantford Potters' Guild standards.

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