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Studio Member Service Hours Policy

As of membership year 24/25

All studio members are required to complete 36 mandatory service hours annually.

The following items have been put in place.

  1. Each studio member must participate in at least 1 big clean per membership year.

  2. We will send quarterly emails to members not keeping up with the required hours.

  3. If a member is not up to date with their service hours they will no longer be in good standing with the guild and therefore not eligible to participate in guild sales.

  4. If hours are not caught up by the end of the membership year, renewal will be delayed until a compensatory fee has been paid at a rate of $20/hour missed.

  5. Many teams need more members to run efficiently. For the studio to run efficiently you must join a team. If you are not on a team or have not completed service hours, reach out to a team lead to begin participating.

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