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The Brantford Potters' Guild was formed in 1975 and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in 1978. Membership has grown from the initial 15 to the current membership level of over 100.

In September 2014 ClayWorks Studio was proudly opened. This teaching pottery studio hosts year-round classes and workshops for adults and children. When classes are not in session, the studio space is available to members to work on their projects.

The Studio

ClayWorks Studio is run by the Brantford Potters' Guild and provides a fully equipped studio space for hand-builders and wheel-throwers of a range of experiences.

Access to the studio is limited to studio members and students. Classes and workshops are available for children, youth and adults.

Our Mandate
  • To bring together people who have a common interest in pursuing the craft of pottery.

  • To stimulate and maintain interest in the craft.

  • To encourage high standards of craftsmanship by providing learning opportunities to improve the skill and artistry of the potters.

  • To foster community awareness of the ceramic arts by encouragement and support of individual organizations.

  • To operate ClayWorks Learning Studio for Ceramic Arts and Pottery for teaching classes for adults, children and youth and providing studio access time for Guild Members' use.

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