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Youth Teaching Contract

Contract between Brantford Potters Guild and Independent Contracted Instructor.

Brantford Potters' Guild

111 Sherwood Drive, Unit 3

Brantford, ON N3T 6J9


The instructor agrees to teach the youth course(s) for 8 weeks. 2 hours per week for a total of 16 hours per course.  You have been allotted 1.5 hour of prep time per class. 12 hours total of prep time. 28 paid hours total per course.

Instructor fees are agreed at $35/hr.

Upon course completion please fill out provided billed invoice and submit to Education Coordinator for approval and payment.


An instructor must be a member in good standing of the Brantford Potters Guild. Instructors are deemed as an independent contractor for the duration of the course(s).


As an independent contractor teaching for BPG Clayworks studio, Instructors are free to participate in other teaching assignments if it does not interfere with the commitment you have made with Clayworks Studio.  As an independent contractor it is your responsibility to file your taxes, CPP contributions, and EI premiums.  Vacation pay will not be provided and BPG cannot provide health or dental benefits of any kind.

  1.  Promoting BPG Classes to help fill classes is a joint responsibility of The Board, the Instructors, and all Guild Members. If classes have less than 8 registrations, they may be cancelled at the joint discretion of the Finance Team and Registrar.  Five days prior to their scheduled first-class Instructors will be given email notice as to the class registration status.

  2.  Instructors are expected to interact with students, guild members and the public in a professional manner.  Duties include teaching and guiding students in learning the skills and techniques required to express their creativity through the medium of clay. More specific teaching duties and expectations are listed on the attached job description and in the curriculum.

  3.   A valid police check must be submitted prior to start of contract.​

  4.  This Contract is for the 2024/2025 fall, winter, and spring terms.

I agree to the above conditions.

Thanks for registering!

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