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Student Studio Time

Student Studio Time

Excluding GST/HST

To be eligible, students must have previously completed one full session of classes at ClayWorks Studio before being allowed to access the studio outside of class time for practice.


Studio time is available to students during the 10 weeks that their class runs. Students have access to the studio when no other classes are in session (see the photo of general studio usage in this listing).


Studio time is restricted to hand-building and wheel use. Students must first have been shown how to properly use and clean these tools and equipment. For example, only use the slab roller if you have been shown how to use it. Glazing of any kind is not permitted during practice time.


Please note, the purpose of this time is to allow students to practice the skills they learn in class. This is NOT to be used as production time.


Studio time is currently not monitored. If you have any questions, students can approach members who may be there - however,  be mindful that this is their time to work on their own projects.


Students must sign for the access code on their first day of class. Proof of purchase is required - digital or paper receipt. Students are required to sign in at all times.

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