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Glenhyrst Vendor Application & Information

The BPG Pottery Shop (BPGPS) is a member-run retail venue that sells work by members of The Brantford Potters’ Guild. The shop is located inside the Glenhyrst Art Gallery 20 Ava Road, Brantford in the Lower Gallery.

Vendor Requirements and responsibilities

Each vendor must be a member in good standing with the Guild. Each vendor must provide the pottery shop with dedicated service hours that are separate and additional to the ClayWorks member service hours. Possible roles are outlined below, please check the ones that are within your skill level. 

Note: every vendor defaults to staff shift unless otherwise assigned.

Shop hours assigned are based on the number of vendors participating in the quarter. A staff schedule will be available in a Google doc sent for sign-up at the beginning of each quarter. The shop manager will advise how many hours will be required from each vendor.

Each Vendor must complete the provided inventory document with a description of each item, retail price, and quantities of that item. All similar items should be listed as a quantity under a specific item code. Your unique code BPG membership ID.


Unique code



Price per item


(BPG member number - item code, ie M for mug-01)





All work must conform to BPG Standards and pricing. All items will be reviewed by a Standards representative.  The Store Manager reserves the right to reject any items that do not conform to these standards.

Review Guild standards here.

Each item must have a label affixed to the bottom with item inventory code and price.

No items may be removed from the shop before the end of the quarter.  New items are not to be added unless specifically requested by the Shop Team.

Vendors should provide business cards to include with their items.


All items must be removed from shelves and cupboards on outtake day, not prior to nor after. All stock must be replaced with new items. Items can be returned in a future quarter but not in back-to-back quarters. Intake day will be communicated.

Vendors are to complete the standardized inventory form at least one week prior to intake day. One printed copy must accompany all stock brought in to be entered into inventory. On intake day a shop standards representative will match lists to items to be consigned. All inventory lists and stock must match and pass standards on intake day.


Vendors set their own retail prices and receive 70% of the gross sale of an item. The 30% deducted is split 20% to Glenhyrst and 10% to Brantford Potters’ Guild. HST is charged by Glenhyrst on all items and those vendors with an HST # will receive their remittance based on their payout.

Payment to vendors is made quarterly by cheque from the BPG.


Every effort will be made to ensure that theft and damages do not occur. Glenhyrst insurance policies apply to all inventory.

Job Descriptions

Team Lead

(2 people)

  • Solicit and select vendors for Glenhyrst

  • Receive vendor agreements and check that they are complete

  • Liaise with Glenhyrst staff

  • Schedule shop service hours

  • Manage intake and outtake days

  • Oversee process of payments and general relations with gallery

  • Lead any team meetings and engage in correspondence

  • Report to BPG board as required

Social Media

(1 person)

  • Take photos of a cross section of vendors works

  • Send photos to BPG social media lead, as well as webmaster to post on website


(1 person)

  • Check all incoming pottery to ensure each piece meets Guild Standards on intake day.

Shop Staff

(12 spots - quarterly)

  • Fill empty spots on shelves with pots from storage, arrange pots in a pleasing manner to avoid large empty spaces on the shelves .  Each vendor has assigned shelves and items replaced should come from their stock, if available.

  • Ensure that price blocks match pricing on items and replace as needed from tray in cupboard.

  • Clean: dust pottery and shelves in gallery and upstairs by reception desk

  • Report any issues to Shop Team Lead

  • Note:  Glenhyrst staff tends customers Tues – Sun during gallery open hours 10-5, and 12-4 on weekends

Please fill out the following forms:

If you have any questions, please contact the team here.

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