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Community Involvement

Empty Bowls

Empty Bowls are available at our fall sales and started as a way for the arts community to help people struggling to access food. Each bowl costs $30 and proceeds all are donated to the Brantford Food Bank. We are pleased to announce that our 2023 sale was a great success and we were able to donate $5040.00!

Your support means so much to us and our community!


Touch A Truck Fundraiser

On June 25th, 2022 the Brantford Potters' Guild was proud to be part of the first fundraiser for Camp Molly in Brantford!

"Camp Molly pays tribute to the first female firefighter on record in North America, Molly Williams. The camp is a unique, hands-on opportunity for young women in grades 11 and 12 gain an introduction to fire services during a period where many teens are making career decisions. Participants will gain an understanding of the career paths available within each division of the fire services through carefully planned activities."

- Brantford Fire

Brantford Fire, Seventh Coffee Co., and The Brantford Potters' Guild joined forces for a fun day of shopping, delicious drinks and education!

Firefighters were on site with one of their trucks to educate kids and adults alike. Seventh Coffee Co. had complimentary iced coffees, as well as their specialty beans and grounds available for purchase. Finally, guild members had a wide variety of mugs for sale with a portion of proceeds going to Camp Molly.

The Blind Sensory Garden Project

September of 2000 was the 25th anniversary of The Brantford Potters' Guild. To celebrate this and acknowledge the presence of The W. Ross Macdonald School in our community, 46 guild members contributed their work in the form of relief tiles to an installment in the school's sensory garden. This project was so well received that in 2016 the guild was asked to expand the "Tactile Tile" wall. 150 tiles were needed to complete this installment and were created by 44 members.

Special thanks go out to The W. Ross Mcdonald staff and to The Brantford Potters' Guild, especially Louise Garnet, Marion Skitch and Sue Welsby for leading us in both the 2000 and 2016 installations.

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